Thanks, Norm!


I am very much enjoying your new book. Prior to this year, I would have had a hard time relating to your good Life Lesson Number One. Up until this time I have had the pleasure of working for some of the most honorable people and never had any issues whatsoever. I guess I was naïve to believe that if you work hard and live a life of integrity everything will always be fine.

This year has surely been the most challenging time in my professional career. I am dealing with a scenario very similar to the one you describe in Chapter 1. I am a passionate leader and have surrounded myself with passionate and talented department heads. Even though my morale is low I will not let them down and continue to serve to the best of my ability. I am learning to deal with the situation but it is very difficult. A lot of prayer, meditation and running have been a major focus in my life. Just reading your book and knowing I am not the only person that has had to deal with this type of situation has been a tremendous help.

Thanks for all you do for our profession!

By the way, his name is Tom. For real.


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